SSD1306 OLED display bezel options

Solving the OLED Display mounting problem

0.96″ (128×64) and 0.91″ (128×32) OLED displays are very common and available at low cost from online stores such as eBay. But there is usually a BIG a problem with them! (actually this problem exists with most displays).

The problem with most OLED displays

The OLED displays available from online shops do not come with any method to mount them neatly and professionally into your project box or panel. The 0.96″ display usually has 4 holes and you can use screws to hold the display in place. The 0.91″ display is a very small display with NO mounting facility whatsoever!

Both display needs to be visible through the project box of panel, and that usually means cutting a messy looking rectangular cut-out. Unless you have some punch or machine to make these holes, they are rarely neat. In fact they usually look pretty awful.

Solving the problem

We have solved the problem. Our OLEDs come with bezels (we make all of our bezels in-house, in the UK). The bezels hold the OLEDs, and are then fixed into the project box, where the edge of the bezel overlaps the cut-out by about 2mm all round.

These bezels have three main and significant benefits:

  • They provide a simple and effective way to mount the OLED display
  • They hide the ugly cut-out in the project box or panel
  • They do not use visible mounting screws
  • The end result looks neat, tidy, and professional.

What do I need to buy?

We provide the OLED display with a matched bezel. We test each OLED display to make sure it works – and that it fits properly in the bezel too.

If you prefer, you can buy the bezel without the display, but please check the dimensions of your display to make sure it matches. There are batches of 128×64 OLED that are not the correct dimensions, and there are way too many 128×32 OLED displays that are not made very well, sadly.

We are electronics hobbyists and we share the frustration of mounting OLEDS. So we created this unique and neat Bezel solution.

And there’s more…

And we also do a range of other Bezels for displays including 1602 LCD, 5110 LCD, TM1637 Tube, and TM1637 CLock modules – as well as out OLED options!