SSD1306 OLED display for our bezel

How to mount a 0.91″ OLED display

The 0.91″ 128×32 OLED Display is a terrific little display. Its crisp display needs no backlight, it only has 4 pins (I2C), it is small, easy to code-up, readily available and, well, low cost (i.e. cheap). For my own more-complex projects, I often add one directly to the PCB just as a diagnostic tool, helping to display key information. But, it does have one serious flaw…

How to you mount the display?

The display I often use has NO mounting holes. It’s easy to solder to a PCB, but unless you use a clear box (where you can also see the rest of the project gubbins) you are forced to cut a hole in the project box or panel.

Those holes can look amateurish and messy (and frankly horrid), and you still have no way to attach the display to the rear of the hole. Messy PCB mounting screws, brackets and glue guns are often deployed – not satisfactory!

Bezel to the rescue!

We couldn’t find a suitable bezel, so we designed and custom-machined our own great little bezel. And you can have one too, from our eBay shop.

How to use the bezel

It is quite simple:

  • Once you have soldered the header pins or connecting wires to the OLED, drop the OLED into the rear of the bezel. Making sure it is correctly orientated.
  • Use the rear retention clip to hold the OLED in place. This clip is a tight fit, but deliberately so. You can – but only if you personally prefer to – apply a drop of glue to the mounting clip.
  • Cut a suitable sized hole in the panel or project box, and glue the bezel (with the OLED) in place. The bezel sits on top of the panel or project box and overlaps the hold by approx 2mm (thus hiding the hole edges).
  • All done! – the horrible hole is hidden, there are no screws, and the OLED really looks smart and professional.

Where to buy a bezel

We custom-make these bezels in-house. You cannot buy them from anywhere else. You can ONLY buy them from our eBay shop.