Example of 0.91 inch SSD1306 display in a project

Improving an Arduino Project with a Bezel

Having spent time, effort and money on building your latest project, you want it to look good too! The challenge with many project is mounting a display so that the overall project looks neat and more professional.

But some displays are really tricky to mount into a project box. A great example is the 128×32 SSD1306 OLED display. This display has no mounting holes and very little PCB extending beyond the OLED glass. Other than the header pins, there is very little else to ‘grip’.

A Bezel to the rescue.

Our little 128×32 SSD1306 OLED display Bezel performs two main functions:

  1. It provides a way to grip and mount this tiny OLED
  2. It provides a nicer and more-professional mounting option, and does so without any visible, ugly screw heads.

The bezel comes in two parts: The nice glossy bezel and a retaining clip for the rear.

Simply drop the OLED into the bezel and insert the clip. Then mount the bezel into your project box using a small amount of glue (we use gel-type superglue for our projects).

See the difference

See the difference between a typical cut-out in the project box, and the final project using the bezel.

Box with typical display cutout

Final project using the bezel


Using a bezel makes it much easier to mount a display, and the overall project looks neat, tidy and more professional.

Learn more about the bezel

Find out more information here.