Custom Bezels

We design, make and stock bezels for commonly used displays. It’s not possible for us to design bezels for every display.
But we do offer a custom bezel service (even for a single bezel). Custom bezels are more expensive than our stock displays because of design, test, tooling and jig costs.
For a stock bezel design, we purchase a batch of displays. That’s not practical for a “one-off” requirement, so in those cases, we design a bezel to fit your specific display.

This is the process for a custom bezel

Step 1 You run an instant estimate on the next page and, if happy, you submit a custom bezel request.
Step 2 We’ll advise if it’s possible to make that bezel, and confirm the cost if so.
Step 3 You send your display to us.
Step 4 We design a bezel and send you CAD design images for your approval. This can take about 5-7 days.
Step 5 Upon your approval, we make the bezel. This can take about 7-10 days, but may be longer if we need to buy-in parts.
Step 6 We will send you photos of the bezel and display.
Step 7 If you approve of the bezel, you make payment in full, and then we return the display with your custom bezel.
No risk! If you decide that the bezel is not what you want, you pay only for the return shipping for your display.


1) Our bezels are made in black glossy acrylic (usually Perspex brand). If you prefer a different colour or finish, you need to tell us in advance. Some colours or finishes may not be available.
2) We are not responsibility for the shipping companies, or for the display you send. We take appropriate care and anti-static precautions for all electronics, but we are not responsible for the functioning of the display at any time, and we will return whatever you had sent to us.

Ready to proceed?

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