We test our Bezels with a display to ensure a proper fit. We also test every display before we ship. To help you with our projects, we have make available some sample sketches for Arduino. You might find them useful in your project. These sketches often utilise some of the excellent libraries out there, so you’ll need to have the necessary libraries loaded into your Arduino IDE. Full credit and Kudos to those who create those libraries.

This site shows the bezels we make for you to buy. Because we main target the hobbyist/enthusiast market, all of our bezels are available singly.

We make bezels for displays, bezels for USB and bezels for mounting buttons.


These download on this page are test programs, for testing your displays in our bezels. These are all Arduino sketches so you will need the Arduino IDE installed, of course, and to install the libraries as used in the test code (or other suitable libraries that you prefer).

We don’t offer or provide any programming support or technical assistance with your programs, electronics, circuits, etc, sorry.

Be cautious when downloading anything, from any site

Take care! Downloading any file from any site is at your risk. Please scan anything you download for malware, viruses etc, before you use it or run any download from any site.

OK. so here are the downloads available:

  • Test code for 128×32 SSD1306 OLED display moduleĀ download
  • Test code for 128×64 SSD1306 OLED display module download
  • Test code for 5110 LCD display module download
  • Test code for TM1367 Tube display module download
  • Test code for TM1367 Clock display module download
  • Test code for ST7735 TFT display module download
  • Test code for 128×64 SSH1106 1.3″ OLED display module download