Bezel for 0.91″ 126×32 SSD1306 OLED display


This bezel makes your Arduino, Raspberry PI or other project look neater and more professional. It is specifically designed to accommodate a commonly available SSD1306 display. The bezel has a rear attachment clip to hold the display neatly in place.

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This product comprises a bezel only, to fit a 0.91″ OLED display.

Do you want your Arduino or Raspberry Pi project to look more professional?

It is difficult to mount the 0.91″ OLED display in an enclosure without making an untidy hole with fixing screws.

This bezel makes your project look more professional and tidy, and also does away with messy display mounting screws.


This bezel is a custom-made part, SPECIALLY MACHINED from 6mm thick Perspex/acrylic sheet. The front of the bezel has a nice gloss black finish, and all other sides and edges have a machined finish. This is not a moulded part.

Note that the viewing window is not precisely in the centre of the bezel. This is because we made the bezel to the smallest practical size to fit the 128×32 OLED display.

If you prefer a centralised viewing window, see out other listing (search eBay forĀ 353109136386) which is bigger and comes with a matched OLED.

Approximately 2mm of this bezel will protrude from the front panel/enclosure, and the remaining 4mm will sit inside your panel cut-out.

The OLED display (which is NOT included in this item), is fixed into the rear of the bezel and held in place with the retaining clip. The bezel (with the display) is then mounted into a cut-out on your panel or enclosure.

There are a few different types of 128×32 display available. Before ordering this bezel, please check the images to make sure your display will fit this bezel.

Note that you will need suitable adhesives to secure the retaining clip into the bezel (we use superglue for this) and to mount the bezel onto your panel/enclosure.

This bezel has been specifically made to fit the commonly-used 0.91″ OLED 128X32 SSD1306 Arduino Display Module that has a maximum size of 38.5mm x 12.5mm (i.e. the total size of the display PCB). This bezel will NOT fit any other display. Please carefully check the dimensions of your display before buying.

How to use

Full instructions are included with the bezel. In summary:

After soldering the wires or header pins to the OLED display, the OLED display is mounted into the rear of the bezel with the retaining clip.

The bezel is then mounted into the panel/enclosure with adhesive. Please use an appropriate adhesive that will work with the bezel (which is acrylic), the retaining clip (which is ABS), and the panel/enclosure you are using.

Please carefully follow the instructions from the manufacturer of your chosen adhesives.

Note that the bezel is not certified as moisture or dust proof, and the display module is directly behind the viewing window without an intermediate clear window.


  • Overall size: 46mm x 22mm
  • Panel cut-out 42mm x 18mm
  • Display module size: This bezel will accept OLED displays up to 38.5mm x 12.5mm (overall PCB size)
  • Display window: 26mm x 8.6mm, positioned to work with the above OLED display module.
  • Total height/thickness: 6mm
  • Height of bezel when mounted: 2mm above the surface of the panel/enclosure front
  • Material: Specially machined from 6mm thick Perspex/acrylic, and the retaining clip is made of 5mm thick ABS.
  • Colour: The front of the bezel is gloss black. All other surfaces have a machined finish.

*** This is a machined item, so its measurements may vary slightly / approximate.
*** The OLED module is NOT included with this item.