Bezel to fit 12864B LCD module

This bezel was designed as a custom part, to fit a standard 12864B LCD display module (which – for the customer – had a Battery Charger Control Board mounted on the rear).
The Display Module and piggy-back Control Board came pre-assembled from the supplier. The bezel design utilised most of the existing parts in order to mount the Display and Control board into place.

This is a custom part, so we don’t hold stock. If you need this part, or have a requirement for any custom bezel part, please contact us.

We do not, in anyway whatsoever, endorse or recommend any other company. Only for the sake of completeness and proper attribution, and to allow you to research supply options, we want to mention that the LCD used for the project was obtained here and that you may be able to obtain this or similar modules from other suppliers.



This product comprises a bezel only, to fit a 12864B LCD display module, typically used on Lipo charging systems