128×160 ST7735s Display Module with Bezel

This combined item comprises a custom-made bezel and a 1.8” ST7735s TFT display 180x120px, as a matched pair.

The front of the bezel has a nice gloss black finish. All other surfaces have a machined finish. This is not a moulded part.

The bezel is available separately (see the eBay listing) a little cheaper than the combined product, if you wish to use your own display. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee or be responsible if your display does not fit or work in our bezel.

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This product comprises a bezel and a ST7735s TFT display. You may optionally purchase just the bezel (without the TFT display), but please check the specifications carefully to assure yourself that your display will properly fit in the bezel.

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Bezel with display, Bezel without display